Epic #foamfree head-table runner created onsite for J&T.⠀

Using #nofloralfoam can take more time as things can’t be made in advance as easily… But it’s something that’s important to us and we’re striving every day to challenge ourselves, educate our clients and work towards becoming 100% foam free.⠀

It’s not always easy; the industry and therefore the clients have learnt to become accustomed to the ease of using foam and the shapes and designs that can be created with it. But it is not biodegradable and a huge hazard to marine life, as so much of it goes down the drain. ⠀

The challenge of learning to create our designs differently is exciting and thinking outside the (floral foam) brick is incredibly rewarding.⠀

Would you go foam free for your wedding?⠀

Photo @ramifosberrystudios ⠀
Dress @marianahardwick ⠀