No, we are not just a florist, we’re in the business of transferring emotions and we think that’s pretty special!

When two of your biggest fans not only book you to create their wedding flowers but give you a large amount of creative licence, you know it’s going to be a fun one!

We met Kim and Paul 18 months before their wedding through the business coaching company they run together. They’re a dynamic team with a unique style and we all looked forward to working together.

The venue they chose was Encore in St Kilda (Melbourne), one of our favourites, and it suited their relaxed seaside wedding vibe perfectly.

True to her unique flair, Kim choose a sheath for her bouquet; combining traditional white roses and oriental lilies, but with tropical twist of Monsteria leaves and a rustic selection of wooden elements, native bulrush and bark. Wrapping the stems with soft paperbark and binding them with dark brown twine added extra texture and contrast.

Kim wanted to honour the memory of her Grandma with a cameo brooch and a special way to do this was to attach the heirloom to the bouquet.

March is always super busy for us and this particular day was no different; Alyssa was out working on the ” Eastland Beauty Garden” and another team out at a Hen’s Party Flower Crown Workshop, which left only me and my junior assistant. And with the shop phone diverted to my mobile, I was fielding calls all afternoon while halfway up the ladder! There’s absolutely nothing like the adrenaline of a wedding set up and we thrive on the opportunity to create memorable moments, ensuring all elements are exactly like we’ve discussed.

Regardless of how much time there is for a set up, I guarantee you we’ll use it all, we’re detail oriented and won’t stop until everything is absolutely perfect.

So for the few hours we were there, it was all systems go!

Although Kim and Paul had an idea of what they wanted for the reception tables, our brief was to create a “modern, interesting & textural design ” with a Thrive twist. Hessian table runners and scattered seashells completed the rustic seaside look.

We decorated the bridal table with a unique arrangement, combining botanical and coastal elements for a truly original piece.

Foliage detail cascaded down around the wooden features for the suspended work, replicating the shape of the centrepieces. I worked closely with Lighting company and we were both up and down the ladders a million times, to make sure everything was hanging straight and that both the lighting and circular arrangements were complimenting each other.

When Paul arrived he didn’t see me immediately but I saw his eyes drawn to the hanging installation and a look of wonder came over him. He then stretched out his arms and hugged me, tears in his eyes and overwhelmed with emotion, he’d made it this far and he couldn’t believe it was the florist who was about to make him cry.

This is why we do what we do.

There is nothing more rewarding than to be able to really move people with the floral art you create, to magic up their vision, help create a safe and special place for them to wed their best friend surrounded by their family and friends.