The Beauty Garden has officially opened at Eastland shopping centre in Ringwood, I was lucky to have worked for internationally acclaimed London artist Rebecca Louise Law who was commissioned to create this extraordinary canopy installation back in March this year.

When I signed up to this secret project I had no idea who the artist was, I knew it had to be something great if I needed to take one month off my own business to work for someone else.
So I jumped at the opportunity when I found out it was the one and only Rebecca!
An artist I had admired from afar for so long!!

Rebecca is well known for her large scale suspended floral installations all around the world, and this one may be one of her biggest to date. This is the largest permanent suspended installation in the southern hemisphere.

Something on this scale takes so much planning and time – Rebecca amazed me with her calmness and humour along the way.

My favourite design is anything suspended so I was dying to see how it all came together and be a part of something so spectacular!
I learnt a lot from Rebecca’s passion, she has inspired me to see flowers differently, to notice their beauty once they are no longer fresh.

We had a fun and dynamic team working on this project, with Rebecca and her assistant Kim leading the team of myself, many Tafe students, construction company project managers and temp agency ladies for extra hands to assist with wiring each individual flower. We would all sit in the backend of Eastland Shopping centre; wiring, counting and generally being immersed in a maze of drying flowers.
It was fantastic to see everyone laughing and being absorbed with flowers, especially the suited business men.
What joy flowers bring to everyone.

The wiring took us 3.5 weeks to complete, the installation took Rebecca and Kim approx. 3 days to suspend. An exhausting and exhilarating job.

The canopy is 20 metres long, 15 metres wide and has over 150,000 individually wired preserved Australian flower stems.

When I admire it I see elements of Monet or Picasso or perhaps on closer look (especially at night) the Great Barrier reef, an upside down ocean.
What a spectacular piece of artwork!! And the great news is, they expect it to be there for the next 10 years.

And of course, thanks to Rebecca and Kim for a fun journey!! You are truly an inspiration and your vision for something so large was amazing.
It was an honour to work for you both!